Digital Editorial for iconic cultural magazine
“Dressed for a party: Before the Afters” is an article for Office magazine about the influence that music had on the resurgence of indie sleaze fashion and culture in NYC. Through a blend of historical context and contemporary analysis, the article examines how the iconic bands, underground clubs, and DJs that make up the magic of New York City have redefined fashion trends, leading to a vibrant cultural renaissance.

Text: Bella Becker
Photos: Nikolai Hagen
Styling: Kassi Reyna & Crystal Chen
Hair by: Chika F.K. using @oribe
Makeup: Jane Serenska
Lighting: CT Smith
Creative Direction: Groupthink & Nikolai Hagen
Production: Nikolai Hagen, Bel Mesbahi, Groupthink
Casting: Bel Mesbahi, Groupthink, Nikolai Hagen, & Crystal Chen
Talent: Groupthink, Sophie Kemp, Hop Nguyen, Crystal Chen, Boz Kamara, 
Ajana Grove, Taylor Malone, Charlie Shuffler, Richie Quake, rMell, Reid Kurkerewicz, Sarina @ NextModels