Art Direction + Design  +  Event Production
sponsored by K2 skates, VacationInc, SAP mag, and Abibas
If I could only have one campaign to represent myself for everything that I am, it would be Starzskate. I threw a birthday party that was epic. It was at an indoor skatepark in Brooklyn. This lead to asking me to lead a campaign that would consume my life. As a lifelong skater, skating is everything to me. K2 skates ending up getting involved and lending us 16 pairs of skates so that beginners could learn to skate! VacationInc provided free sunscreen goodies, Abibas threw in some awesome tees, and SAP mag donated some magazines. I knew that skaters were occasionally on their phones but that the diehards would be on the streets. So, I did an entire social media campaign accompanied with the fun part: good ole’ guerrilla marketing. I wheatpasted all across Soho, Chinatown, East Williamsburg, and Bedstuy with posters that I designed in 8.5x11, 11x17, 18x24, and 24x36 flyers printed and cut by yours truly. I even willingly went to parties and bars at night with 75 printed posters to pass them out and get people to scan the QR code.It was held at Blue Park so I wore blue for 2 weeks straight and made all of the video and photo assets blue. I asked my closest friends Crush, Luisa, Oju, and Knives to dj so that skaters and nonskaters could connect with one another through the universal vibration of sound! I lost my mind for a bit, I did. But anything for skating, music, and my best friends. The event was held on May the 4th (be with you), starzskate was simply unforgettable and an ultimate dream come true.

wheatpaste in LES
printing out different sized flyers
waiting for posters to print
distributing flyers on the subway
djs Oju and Crush help me pass out flyers
wheatpasting Supreme
cool people who told me I changed their life in the Supreme line
getting ticketed for skating 
friends Crush, Oju, and Hop at the dj booth
making an additional flyer out of the ticket I got for skating
skates from K2
8.5x11 flyers 
sunscreen from VacationInc
winners of skating superlatives with their prizes!
Kiki skating in K2
Oju djing while Luisa and Flynn finish building the dj booth