Visual Branding + Packaging Design

Vogel Skate’s mission is to empower skaters of all skill levels with stylish and illuminating equipment. In the world of street skating, wheels are essential for speed, agility, and control. Just like a race car's engine, they drive every glide and turn to ensure optimal safety.  This project draws from theories of the late Marcel Vogel, one of the only scientists who recognized the unparalleled velocity of crystal stones. Vogel once said, “The crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transferred to other objects and people at will”. With smooth and durable wheels that light up in motion, it’s a classic skate brand rooted in self-expression and true freedom.  Meticulously engineered and subjected to relentless testing, Vogel stands out against other wheels that don’t carry the same spiritual mission, propelling you to conquer any landscape with finesse.